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Hi Carlo!
I think this is error-
Elio E Le Storie Tese Feat. Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares Pipppero (contiene 6 citazioni) The Pennywhistlers 1966 Dilmano Dilbero (Tradizionale)
it's an old Bulgarian folklore song.I don't know the exact year of the first performance,also I can't find such an issue in discogs.

Translation from wikipedia
Dilmano, Dilbero is a Bulgarian folk song performed by folk singer Vasilka Petkova. The song has inspired a number of contemporary authors and interpreters. Its revisions are made by Alexander Vladigerov, Zdravko Manolov, Pancho Vladigerov. Composer Ivan Kavaldzhiev transformed it into a choir and orchestra in the late 1950s. The composer Krassimir Kurkchiiski also works on it.

The song is Shoppish and comes from Burella.

From other site
The shoppish songs are unique and have a special charm in the area of ​​Breznik. "Dilmano, Dilbero, tell me how to plant a piper?" Who hasn't heard this song? She is an integral part of the repertoire of folk choirs, but her journey to the big stages is a long one. The singer who "brings" her in the original is Vasilka Petkova from the village of Yaroslavtsi in Breznik. In the late 1950s, he recorded for the BNR Fund, and composer Ivan Kavaldzhiev, who discovered Dilmano's identity, treated it to a choir and orchestra. Krassimir Kurkchiiski also works on it to go with our choirs around the world. We are celebrating 90 years since the birth of the singer who has performed thousands of concerts in the country and neighboring Balkan countries with the band "Our Song"



Solitamente nel dabase metto la prima incisione conosciuta e poi tra parentesi aggiungo che è un canto tradizionale.