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Parliamo di Cover / Lady in Black
« il: 25 Giugno 2020, 08:23:49 »
Hello Carlo.An error in the database.
Bad Boys Blue-Lady in black
The listed cover versions are actually interpretations of Uriah Heep's track and have noting to do with this euro disco hit.

Musica! / Canzone Italiana
« il: 13 Aprile 2020, 09:31:12 »

Qualcuno può aiutare a riconoscere questa canzone italiana?

Parliamo di Cover / Dilmano,Dilbero
« il: 14 Febbraio 2020, 09:11:10 »
Hi Carlo!
I think this is error-
Elio E Le Storie Tese Feat. Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares Pipppero (contiene 6 citazioni) The Pennywhistlers 1966 Dilmano Dilbero (Tradizionale)
it's an old Bulgarian folklore song.I don't know the exact year of the first performance,also I can't find such an issue in discogs.

Translation from wikipedia
Dilmano, Dilbero is a Bulgarian folk song performed by folk singer Vasilka Petkova. The song has inspired a number of contemporary authors and interpreters. Its revisions are made by Alexander Vladigerov, Zdravko Manolov, Pancho Vladigerov. Composer Ivan Kavaldzhiev transformed it into a choir and orchestra in the late 1950s. The composer Krassimir Kurkchiiski also works on it.

The song is Shoppish and comes from Burella.

From other site
The shoppish songs are unique and have a special charm in the area of ​​Breznik. "Dilmano, Dilbero, tell me how to plant a piper?" Who hasn't heard this song? She is an integral part of the repertoire of folk choirs, but her journey to the big stages is a long one. The singer who "brings" her in the original is Vasilka Petkova from the village of Yaroslavtsi in Breznik. In the late 1950s, he recorded for the BNR Fund, and composer Ivan Kavaldzhiev, who discovered Dilmano's identity, treated it to a choir and orchestra. Krassimir Kurkchiiski also works on it to go with our choirs around the world. We are celebrating 90 years since the birth of the singer who has performed thousands of concerts in the country and neighboring Balkan countries with the band "Our Song"


Parliamo di Cover / Songs on italian,covering Greek tracks
« il: 19 Dicembre 2019, 16:38:40 »
1962 Nelly Fioramonti-Rosa D'Atene  original-Nana Mouskouri-Weiße Rosen Aus Athen
1960 Jimmy Fontana-Non Domandare (Alle Stelle) original-Tzeni karezi-Min Ton Rotas Ton Ourano
1961 Nilla Pizzi-Uno a Te, Uno a Me original-Melina Mercouri-Never on a Sunday
1962 Nuccia Bongiovanni-To Kalokeraki (Piccola Estate)  original-Yovanna-Καλοκαιράκι
1960 Gastone Parigi E Il Suo Complesso-Uno a Te, Uno a Me  original-Melina Mercouri-Never on a Sunday
1969 Irene Papas-Il Mio Aprile (Aprilis) original-Mikis Theodorakis-Aprilis
1968 Al Bano Carrisi-Il Ragazzo Che Sorride original- Dora Gianakopoulou-Το Γελαστό Παιδί
1960 Niki Davis-Uno a Te, Uno a Me original-Melina Mercouri-Never on a Sunday
1968 Bobby Solo-Sono Solo Ormai original-Tzeni karezi-Min Ton Rotas Ton Ourano
1966 Nana Mouskouri-Il Tuo Sorriso Nella Notte original-Nikos Kourkoulis and Vagelis Seilinos-strose to stroma sou
1970 Iva Zanicchi-Il Ragazzo Che Sorride original-Dora Gianakopoulou-Το Γελαστό Παιδί
1970 Edmonda Aldini-Un Venerdì Di Sera original-Grigoris Bithikotsis-Το Χάρο τον αντάμωσα
1970 Iva Zanicchi-Il Tuo Sorriso Nella Notte original-Nikos Kourkoulis and Vagelis Seilinos-strose to stroma sou
1970 Barbara-Un Fiume Amaro original-Stelios Kazantzidis and Marinella-Kaimos
1970 Iva Zanicchi-Un Fiume Amaro original-Stelios Kazantzidis and Marinella-Kaimos
1970 I Combos-Un Fiume Amaro original-Stelios Kazantzidis and Marinella-Kaimos
1971 Vana Veroutis-La Favola original-Giorgos Moutsios and Maria Douraki-Ένας μύθος
1972 Milly-Vento Del Nord original-Dora Gianakopoulou-Του μικρού βοριά
1971 Iva Zanicchi-Il Mio Aprile original-Mikis Theodorakis-Aprilis
1971 Iva Zanicchi-Aspetta Voce Mia original-Tzeni Karezi-Κουράστηκα να σε κρατώ
1979 Milva-Fine Settimana original-Γιάννης Πουλόπουλος (Giannis Poulopoulos)-doxa to theo
1979 Milva-Sogno Di Libertà' (To Perigali) original-Grigoris Bithikotsis-sto perigali to kryfo
1979 Milva-Come Spiegarti (To Traino Vevyi Stis Ochto) original-Maria Dimitriadi-To Treno Feygi Stis Okto
1988 Lidija Percan-Un Fiume Amaro original-Stelios Kazantzidis and Marinella-Kaimos
1998 Milva-Il Canto Di Un'Eneide Diversa original-Haris Alexiou-Mia Pista Apo Fosforo
2004 Milva-Piccolo Teatro original-Mikis Theodorakis-Μοιρολόι της βροχής

Parliamo di Cover / BG covers with Unidentified originals
« il: 16 Settembre 2019, 22:54:04 »
List with some BG covers.A complicated mission,but I hope someone knows the original of some of these songs

1-Siya Mihailova,Neli Zhekova
2-Margarita Dimitrova
3-Maria Koseva-Hully Gully??
4-Pasha Hristova
5-Donika Venkova
6-Kiril Hristov
7-Maria Neykova
8-Bogdana Karadocheva
9-Maria Koseva
10-Margarita Hranova
11-Moustafa Chaushev
12-Mimi Ivanova
13-Studio W
14-Moustafa Chaushev
15-Duo Nove-Te quiero,te quiero??
16-Margarita Hranova
17-Dimitar Yossifov-Author Pino Massara(late 60s)
18-Neli Zhekova
19-Didi Gospodinova
20-Margarita Radinska-canzone per ''Spiaggia''?
21-Yordanka Hristova-author Pintucci
22-Maria Mitseva
23-Borislav Grancharov

Parliamo di Cover / Twist italiano degli anni '60??
« il: 09 Settembre 2019, 10:06:01 »

Qualcuno può riconoscere l'originale di questa canzone?
Nessuna informazione su chi sia il compositore,ma suona come una canzone italiana dei primi anni '60.
il titolo bulgaro è una luna piena e forse nell'originale è cantato per la luna?

Musica! / Canzone Italiana
« il: 30 Giugno 2019, 13:55:50 »
Ciao Carlo!
Mi aiuteresti con questa canzone.Potresti non aver sentito questa canzone ma come pensi?
Quale dialetto è cantato nella canzone?E cosa si ripete nel coro? Sta-......?

Brano Anonimo

Parliamo di Cover / Senorita por favor
« il: 17 Maggio 2019, 11:52:09 »
Hello.Unfortunately in the database no info about one of my favorite 70s songs-Senorita por favor
Written by Toto Cutugno,but never recorded by him.My question is: what's the 1st release of the track?
In this Finnish forum written, that El Pasador first recorded Senorita...,but I can not find a similar song.

Chocolat's-Senorita por favor(Most well known version in my opinion)
Marion Rung-Senorita por favor(Finland)
Sezer Güvenirgil -Canim Sevmek Istiyor (Turkey)
Лаки Кесоглу- Уходи, Прошу Тебя
Πασχάλης -Φύγε Σε Παρακαλώ(Greece)
Jacqueline-   سنيوريتا پور فاڤور = Senorita Por Favor(Lebanon)
ВИА Веселые ребята -Сеньорита, я влюблен(Russian cover,missing in discogs)

Musica! / 2 rare Italian tracks
« il: 13 Maggio 2019, 08:52:14 »
Hello,italian melomans!
Can anyone recognize these 2 rare Italian songs from the 80s?
Records are from an old tape

Thanks in advance

Parliamo di Cover / Melody Lady
« il: 07 Aprile 2019, 14:34:18 »
Hi Carlo!

I found a small error in the database,related to the song of Sheila Melancolie.Yes,this is the most popular version(hit #3 in France),but it does not seem to be the original.


other covers:

Sidney Magal-Meu Sangue Ferve Por Você (Melancolie)  Brazil
Patrick Samson-Melody lady  Lebanon
Sabú -Oh, Cuánto Te Amo  Argentina
Katri Helena- En Ollut Lady (Melody Lady)  Finland
Hümeyra- Ah Neredesin?   Turkey
Margareta Pâslaru- Nu, N-a Fost Glumă   Romania
Emil Dimitrov (Емил Димитров)-Don't go away(Не си отивай)  Bulgaria

Parliamo di Cover / Disco covers,missing in database
« il: 22 Marzo 2019, 15:22:15 »
cover                             original

Ibo -Spieglein, Spieglein an Der Wand =Saphir-I am alive
Kim Harlow -Libre Pour Toi =Viola Valentino -Comprami
May Day -Fantasy =Lian Ross-Fantasy
Трамвай номер 5- Старият учител =Gary Low- You Are a Danger
BG cover-
Terry Gordon- It’s Gotta Work Out = Bogart- It’s Gotta Work Out
Мими Иванова и Старт-Дъжд и болка=Mike Rogers-Just a story
BG cover-
Mark Rivers -Violin in the Moonlight=Dalida ft. Antoine- Confidences Sur La Fréquence
Vincent -Someone's Sayin' "No"=Vasco Rossi -C'È Chi Dice No
Mohammed -Downtown Girl=Didier Hervé -D.O.M. T.O.M. Girl
American Eagles -Kokka '' Amore,Amore''=Manolo-Amore amore
Fruit -Heart Full of Soul=The Yardbirds- Heart Full of Soul
Data 3- Heartful of Soul=The Yardbirds- Heart Full of Soul
Laban -Jeg Ka' Li' Dig Alligevel=Hot Shot -Angel From Paradise
Трамвай номер 5-Ела=G.G.Anderson-Mama Lorraine
BG cover-
Ralf Sander- Abschied Am Strand=Michael Bedford- More Than a Kiss
Danny Fabry- Ҫa C'est La Vie (Zo Is Het Leven)=Foreign Currency- C'est La Vie
Мария Грънчарова-Мое златно лято=Lady Lily- Boogie Woogie Baby
Unreleased BG cover-[]
A La Carte-Bananas=Fruit-Bananas
Heredia & Co -Eso Es El Amor=Pepe Iglesias ''El Zorro'' -Eso Es El Amor
Andreas Martin -Samstag Nacht in Der Stadt=Airplay -For Your Love
Francesco Napoli -Siamo Noi=Fair Control-Angel eyes
Дует Шанс-Единствено за тебе=Pamala Stanley-Coming out of hiding
BG cover-
Tom Carabba -The Deliverance=People Like Us ft. Cindy Dickinson -Deliverance
Λάκης Τζορντανέλλι (Lakis Giordanelli)-Μαρία Μανταλένα (Maria Mantalena)=Afric Simone -Maria Magdalena
Nilüfer- Müzik=D-R-U-M -Lalabye
Светла Стоева & Георги Станчев-Здравей, това съм аз=Ryan Simmons-Lucky guy
BG cover-
Patrick Norman and The Black Light Orchestra -Let's Try Once Again=Julio Iglesias- Se Mi Lasci Non Vale
Μπέτυ Δήμα Και Μιράντα Δήμα -Γέλα Μαρία=Neoton Familia-Santa Maria
HOT R.S. -Delta Queen=Proudfoot-Delta queen
Veneta Rangelova-Oshte=Marsha Raven-Catch me
Sheila Bonnique -Proud Mary=Creedence Clearwater Revival -Proud Mary
Acuario -Eso Es El Amor=Pepe Iglesias ''El Zorro'' -Eso Es El Amor
Трамвай номер 5-Ученически час=Lime-Unexpected lovers
Neil Cloud -Time of the Season=The Zombies -Time of the Season
John Ireland -Sunshine of Your Love=Cream -Sunshine of Your Love
Маргарита Горанова-Лека нощ=Lorraine McKane -Let the Night Take the Blame
BG cover-
Arnošt Pátek -Sny O Tygří Lady (Cheri, Cheri Lady)=Modern Talking -Cheri, Cheri Lady
The Old Orchestra -Superman March=Tartaglia and The Space Angels- It's Love, Love, Love
Георги Христов-Кой Е Той=Fun Fun-Color my love
Дует Каравел ‎– Късен Диалог =Girltalk -Can the Rhythm
Георги Станчев-Сини очи=Electric Theatre- The Clown
Александър Петрунов / Славка Христова -Няма надежда=Don Ray- Got to Have Loving
Нели Атанасова- Танцувай буги=Freddie James -Get Up and Boogie
Cat Bassy -I Know (Oh No, No, No)=Nature- Don't Let Computers Grow!
Sylvie Sanders- I Know, I Know=Nature- Don't Let Computers Grow!
Fancy (Dutch Group) -Sterren in De Nacht=Cartoon-Never Ending Love (Ba-Ma-La-Ma-Loo)
Tracy Spencer -Run to Me=Ray Foster-Run to me
Laban- Caught by Surprise=Élite -Senza Tregua
Mary Roos -Keine Träne Tut Mir Leid=C.C. Catch- I Can Lose My Heart Tonight
C.C. Catch -Jump in My Car=Mary Roos -Bleib' Wie Du Bist
Samanta – Im Traum= Marc Stevens - Michelle (My Sexy Girl)
Biba-Istanbul=Tandem- Istanbul (I'm a Fool for Istanbul)
Hannes Schöner -Sommernacht in Unsrer Stadt=Christopher John Band- I'm a First Class Fool Again
Ven Uto -Midnight Girl=Noé Willer- Toi Femme Publique


Parliamo di Cover / International artists,covering BG songs
« il: 20 Marzo 2019, 14:37:09 »
Markéta Johnová ‎– Dobrı Večer=Maria Neykova-Dobar vecher,leka nosht

Sofia Rotaru-Ptica=Lili Ivanova-Pticata

Tony Dallara-Ela=Lili Ivanova-Ela

Tony Dallara-Treva=Emil Dimitrov-Treva

Roza Rymbaeva-Detstvo=Lili Ivanova-Detstvo

Peter Vašek ‎– Dievča A More-Donika Venkova-Ako iskash obich

Pavel Bartoň ‎– Žije V Kraji Růží-Lili Ivanova-Tozi svyat e tyi prekrasen

Roza Rymbaeva-Peremena=Vassil Naydenov-Mezhduchasie

Filip Kirkorov-Carmen=Riton-Don Kichot i Dulcinea

Ulli Martin-Monika(#2 hit in West Germany)=Emil Dimitrov-Moja strana

Eugén Tajmer-Monica=Emil Dimitrov-Moja strana

Wir-Monika=Emil Dimitrov-Moja strana

Alla Pugacheva-Arlekino=Emil Dimitrov-Arlekino
Esin Afşar ‎–Sanatçının Kaderi (Arlekino)-Emil Dimitrov-Arlekino

Janina Miščiukaitė ‎– Arlekino=Emil Dimitrov-Arlekino

Filip Kirkorov-Ty Ty Ty=Vassil Naydenov-Telefonna lyubov

Andrey Mironov-Nekogda=Bogdana Karadocheva-Malko li mnogo li

Jerzy Połomski ‎– Arlekin -Emil Dimitrov-Arlekino

Ljiljana Petrović ‎– Събота вечер=Lili Ivanova-Sabota vecher

Arlette Zola-Aprilska shega=Lili Ivanova-Aprilska shega

Yosif Kobzon-Moya strana=Emil Dimitrov-Moja strana

Filip Kirkorov-Nebo i zemlya=Orlin Goranov +Kristina Dimitrova-Detski spomen

Filip Kirkorov-Strana moya,tebe ne do koncertov=Katya Filipova-Nezabrava

Lolita-Moje Chryzantemy(Polish power dance)=Lili Ivanova-Hrizantemi

Ivica Šerfezi ‎– Kada Si Otišla Drugom=Emil Dimitrov-Kogato otivash tam pri drugiya

De 538 Jongens Met De Makkers-Wat Moet Ik Doen Zonder You Veronica-Emil Dimitrov-Moja strana

Sofia Rotaru-Skazka=Hristo Kidikov-Prikazka

Xanthi Peraki-Early flowers-Emilia Markova-Ranni tzetya

Giannis Parios-Άσε Με Στη Μοναξιά Μου-Lili Ivanova-Stari moi priyatelyu

Şenay-Lado-Le (Lado-Le-Lado)-Tonica-Lado le

Valery Obodzinsky- Луна На Солнечном Берегу-Konstantin Kazanski-Luna na Slanchev Bryag

Jiří Štědroň ‎–Džulija-Emil Dimitrov-Julia

Filip Kirkorov-Dnem i nochyu=Riton-Pregarni me

Marc Dex ‎– Monica -Emil Dimitrov-Moja strana

Sezen Aksu ‎– Yaşanmamış Yıllar-Lili Ivanova-Uteha

Constantin Drăghici ‎– Armonica=Georgi Kordov-Vlyubenata harmonika

Tamara Miansarova-More molodosti-Lili Ivanova-More na mladostta

Sergey Zaharov-Maria=Boris Gudjunov-Maria

David Alexandre Winter-Vola, Si Vola (Vole S'Envole)-Emil Dimitrov-Moryashko sbogom

Sibel Egemen ‎– Senin Vicdanın Yok Mu!-Mimi Ivanova-Maychice svyata

Emil Gorovets-Gorod nesbysheyvsya lyubvi=Emil Dimitrov-Pesen za Pleven

Tamara Miansarova-Pechalnaya chayka=Emil Dimitrov-Pesen za chaykata

Tamara Miansarova-Adagio=Lili Ivanova-Adagio

Tony Christie-Julia=Emil Dimitrov-Julia

Filip Kirkorov-Begushtaya po volnam=Georgi Hristov + Rosica Kirilova-Lyato i zima

Filip Kirkorov-leto=Riton-Lyatoto

Yeliz- Sel Suyu-Лили Иванова-Стари мой приятелю

Filip Kirkorov-Plus i minus=Orlin Goranov + Kristina Dimitrova-Plus i minus

Filip Kirkorov i Masha Rasputina-Mechta=Riton-Izpoved

Orera-Mne snilsya son=Margret Nikolova + Kiril Semov-San sanuvah

Dagmar Frederic-Bunte wagen=Lili Ivanova-Panairi

Gabriel Dorobanțu -Poate-ai Să-nțelegi Vreodată=Васил Найденов-Телефонна любов

Bogdana Zagórska- Nasze Lato=Лили Иванова-Наше лято

Radži feat. Rožė- Džalma (Джалма)=Ритон-Джалма

Filipp Kirkorov-Любовь - Это Что-то Сложное=Ритон-Сложно нещо е любовта

Birutė Petrikytė -Vaikystė = Лили Иванова-Детство

Leo Martin- U Četrdesetoj=Стефан Данаилов-Без сълзи

Leo Martin-Sigurno=Васил Найденов-Сигурно

Тамара Гвердцители- Ностальгия =Маргарита Хранова-Далечни дни

Мила Романиди- Днём И Ночью=Ритон-Прегърни ме

Nijolė Ščiukaitė -Margaspalviai Vežimai =Лили Иванова-Панаири

Pavel Liška ‎–Prsten Zásnubní (Moja Strana)   =Емил Димитров-Моя страна

Peter Sedlák -Námornícka Rozlúčka=Емил Димитров-Моряшко сбогом

Emil Frátrik -Júlia=Емил Димитров-Джулия

Hana Křížková -Harlekın=Емил Димитров-Арлекино

Costa Cordalis -Lebe Dein Leben=Емил Димитров-Моряшко сбогом

Jaromír Mayer ‎– Hej, Madlén=Емил Димитров - Хей, Мадлен

Эмиль Горовец ‎– Лидия= Емил Димитров-Лидия

Нина Пантелеева- Ах, любовь, любовь=Маргрет Николова и Кирил Семов-Сън сънувах

Marty Schreijenberg-Monika=Емил Димитров-Моя страна

Östen Warnerbring ‎– Monica =Емил Димитров-Моя страна

Андрей Миронов и Маша Миронова- Последний Дни Лета=Маргарита Хранова-Далечни дни

Radio Veronica-Veronica=Емил Димитров-Моя страна

Tutte le cover qui segnalate sono state inserite nel nuovo database

Parliamo di Cover / Bulgarian & Turkish covers
« il: 19 Marzo 2019, 10:46:31 »
Sam Brown - Stop (1988)
TR cover-Asım Can Gündüz - Stop
BG cover-Margarita Hranova-Stop

Sylvie Vartan-Abracadabra
TR cover-Ajda Pekkan -Tek Yaşanır Mı
BG cover-Lili Ivanova-Abracadabra

Sylvie Vartan-Zum Zum Zum
TR cover-Parla Şenol - Zum zum zum
BG cover-Dimitar Yosifov-Zum Zum Zum
BG cover-Margarita Radinska-Zum Zum
SWE cover- Siw Malmkvist -Zum Zum Zum
GR cover- Υβόννη -Ζουμ Ζουμ Ζουμ (Zum - Zum - Zum)
CZ cover- Hana Zagorová -Zum Zum Zum
IT cover-Mina-Zum Zum Zum

Shuky & Aviva - Je T'aime Un Peu Trop (1975)
TR cover-Lale Belkıs - Kafadar
BG cover-Margarita Hranova-Az i Ti
NL cover-Benny Neyman-'K Zal Je Heb
GR cover-Themis Adamantidis-- Kriti kerkyra ke nio

Emilio Tuero - Bésame Mucho (1941)
TR cover-Mehmet Taneri - Yıllardan Sonra
BG cover-Yordanka Hristova-Besame Mucho

Afric Simone - Hafanana (1975)
TR cover-Meral & Zuhal - Aşk mı Diyorsun Buna
BG cover-Yordanka Hristova-Misho i Az
RU cover-ВИА Поющие Сердца-Приснившаяся Песня

The Turtles - Happy Together (1967)
TR cover-Ferman Akgül - Sıra Bizde
BG cover-Pasha Hristova-Shtastlivi Zaedno

Frank Sinatra - Strangers in The Night (1966)
TR cover-Ajda Pekkan - İki Yabancı
BG cover-Sasho Dimitrov-Strannici v Noshta

Mocedades - Eres Tu (1973)
TR cover-Verda Sümer - Eski Dostlar ne Oldu
BG cover-Bogdana Karadocheva-Idvash Ti

Jose Feliciano - Once there was a Love (1970)
TR cover-Lale Akat - Aşkımızdı O
BG cover-Yordanka Hristova-Syanka v Stenata

Mary Cristy (Marie Ruggeri) - Non, Ce n'est Pas Fini (1973)
TR cover-Gülden Karaböcek - Dur Bırakma Beni
BG cover-Katya Filipova-Nyama Tazhen Kray
BG cover-Yordanka Hristova-Nyama Tazhni Dni

Ireen Sheer - Goodbye Mama (1973)
TR cover-Nilüfer - Sen de Söyle
BG cover-Margarita Hranova-Dobar Vecher,Mamo
CZ cover-Eva Máziková ‎– Zbohom Mama

Salvatore Adamo - Amour Perdu (1963)
TR cover-Alpay - Sen Sevme Beni
BG cover-Konstantin Kazanski-Izgubena lyubov
RU cover-Viktor Besedin-Proshla lyubov

5000 Volts - I'm on Fire (1975)
TR cover-Semiha Yankı - Yanıyorum
BG cover-Mimi Ivanova & Start-Ti Se Spri

Charles Aznavour - La Mamma (1963)
TR cover-Zeki Müren - Annem (1964)
BG cover-Angel Todorov-Mama

Engelbert Humperdinck - The Last Waltz (1967)
TR cover-Zümrüt - Son Dans (1969)
BG cover-Angel Todorov-Posledniyat Vals

Jose Feliciano - Gypsy (1974)
TR cover-Selçuk Ural - Son Şarkı
BG cover-Mustafa Chaushev-Nikoy v Teb Ne Vizhda lyubovta
BG cover-Yordanka Hristova-Izpoved

Francis Lai - Love Story (1970)
TR cover-Gönül Yazar - Aşk Hikayesi
BG cover-Bogdana Karadocheva-Lyubovna Istoriya

Dschinghis Khan - Dschinghis Khan (1979)
TR cover-Grup Vitamin - Hayriye
BG cover-Stil-Chovekat Vlak

Lori Lieberman - Killing me Softly with His Song (1972)
TR cover-Nilüfer (Yumlu) - Ayrılık Hasreti
BG cover-Yordanka Hristova-Vsichko Zapochna Prez Yuni
BG cover-Studio W-Vsichko Zapochna Prez Yuni

Maywood - Pasadena (1981)
TR cover-Sibel Egemen - Bir Mevsimlik Aşk
BG cover-Rumyana Georgieva-V Lyubovta Zakoni Ima
FIN cover-Eini-Pasadena

Smokie - I'll Meet you at Midnight (1976)
TR cover-Demet Sağıroğlu - O La La (Susar mıyım?)
BG cover-Hristo Kidikov-Nezavarshena pesen

Alain Barriere/ Noelle Cordier - Tu t'en vas (1975)
TR cover-Alagöz Kardeşler - Nazlanma
BG cover-Trio Synchron-Ti Si Otivash

Sunshine(France)-Melody Lady 1973
TR cover-Hümeyra (Akbay) - Ah Neredesin
BG cover-Emil Dimitrov-Ne Si Otivai
FIN cover-Katri Helena-En Ollut Lady
ARG cover-Sabú -Oh, Cuánto Te Amo
BRA cover-Sidney Magal-Meu Sangue Ferve Por Você
TR cover-Erkut Taçkın - Yeryüzü Cenneti

Alexandra - Zigeunerjunge (1967)
TR cover-Kamuran Akkor - Gönül Ferman Dinlemez
BG cover-Pasha Hristova-Tzigani

Riccardo Fogli - Storie di tutti Giorni (1982)
TR cover-Ajda Pekkan - Sev Hayat Güzel
BG cover-Mustafa Chaushev-Istoriyata na Vsichki Dni

Udo Jurgens - Der Große Abschied (1970)
TR cover-Ajda Pekkan - Kim Derdi ki
BG cover-Boris Gudjunov-Golyamata Razdyala

Julien Clerc - Ce n'est rien (1971)
TR cover-Engin Evin - Yok Başka Dünya
BG cover-Mustafa Chaushev-Dazhdovna Balada

Nicola Di Bari - Il Cuore e uno zingaro (1971)
TR cover-Özdemir Erdoğan - Bahar Gelince
BG cover-Emil Dimitrov-Tzigansko Sarce

Patty Pravo - La Bambola (1968)
TR cover-Fatoş Balkır - Artık Çok Geç
BG cover-Margarita Radinska-Bambola

Jose Jose - La Nave del Olvido (1970)
TR cover-Ayten Alpman - İstersen
BG cover-Yordanka Hristova-Pochakai

Salvatore Adamo - Car Je Veux (1963)
TR cover-Emel Müftüoğlu - Karlar Düşer
BG cover-Stefan Voronov-Vecheren Zov

B.J. Thomas - Raindrops Keep Falling On my Head (1969)
TR cover-Çetin Alp - Hatıralar
BG cover-Boris Gudjunov-Dazhdovni Kapki

Matvey Blanter and Mikhail Isakovsky-Katyusha (1938)
TR cover-Ayferi - Kaza Çok
BG cover-Mimi Ivanova-Kazachok

Vicky Leandros (Vassiliki Papathanasiou) - Apres Toi (1972)
TR cover-Ayla Algan - Aşk mı Bu
BG cover-Lili Ivanova-Sled Teb

Jose Feliciano - Rain (1969)
TR cover-Nesrin Sipahi - Yağmur Seninle Güzel
BG cover-Georgi Kordov-Slushai Dazhda

Bruno Lauzi - E Penso A Te (1970)
TR cover-Ajda Pekkan - Seninleyim
BG cover-Lili Ivanova-Az Si Tragvam

Christian Adam - Si tu savais combien je t'aime (1973)
TR cover-Nermin Gökben - Randevu
BG cover-Mustafa Chaushev-Ti Ne Razbra Kak te Obicham

Cher - Mama, when my dollies have babies (1966)
TR cover-Ayten Alpman - İnan Bana
BG cover-Borislav Grancharov-Mama
ITA cover-Sonia Natali-Mama

Iva Zanicci - Ciao Cara Come Stai (1974)
TR cover-Ayten Alpman - Yanımda Olsa
BG cover-Vera Bachvarova-Dai Skapi,Dai Raka
GR cover-Τέρης Χρυσός - Δε Σε Πιστεύω
CZ cover- Yvetta Simonová -Má Lásko Bláhová

Joel Daydé-Mamy Blue-1971
TR cover-Arda Kardeş (Arda Yurdatapan) - Oy Anam Oy
BG cover-Emil Dimitrov-Tazhna Mayka

Anne Marie David - Tu te Reconnaitras (1973)
TR cover-Nilüfer - Göreceksin Kendini
BG cover-Margarita Ivanova-Ti Pozna Lyubovta
GDR cover- Chris Doerk -Du bist da

Sol Raye - If We Were Free (1972)
TR cover-Ajda Pekkan - Kimler Geldi Kimler Geçti
BG cover-Mustafa Chaushev-Ako si Otide Izvednazh

Alexander Vertinsky and Boris Fomin-Dorogoi Dlinnoyu
TR cover-Gönül Turgut - Üzüntüyü Bırak Yaşamaya Bak
BG cover-Margarita Dimitrova-Lyubovta na Skitnika

Simon Butterfly - Rain, Rain, Rain (1973)
TR cover-Füsun Önal - Gel Gel
BG cover-Bogdana Karadocheva-Koy
BG Cover-Biser Kirov-Dazhd
Czech cover-Karol Duchoň - Šiel Šiel
Fin cover-Kai Hyttinen-Vie Vain
GDR cover-Henry Kotowski-Rain, Rain, Rain
PL cover-Lidia Stanisławska - Wiem wiem
FR cover-Marie Laforet - Viens viens

Julio Iglesias - Abrazamer (1975)
TR cover-Ayla Algan - Anlasana
BG cover-Yordanka Hristova-Pregrashtay Me

Grigoris Bithikotsis-Milise Mou
TR cover-Füsun Önal - Senden Başka
BG cover-Mustafa Chaushev-Nedorazumenie
FIN cover-Anita Hirvonen-Villitsee Mun

Enrico Macias - Mélisa (1975)
TR cover-Engin Evin - Olmaz Olsam
BG cover-Mustafa Chaushev-Eliza

Matt Monroe - All of a Sudden (1964)
TR cover-Tayfun Karatekin - Kim Silecek Bu Yaşları
BG cover-Lili Ivanova-Vsichko Stana Izvednazh
BG cover-Boris Gudjunov-Izvednazh
FR cover-Cristina (Krystyna Konarska)-C'est Que L'amour Va Revenir
BRA cover-Nelson Ned-Tudo passara
TR cover-Kamuran Kızılboğa - Ayrıldı Yollar

George Baker Selection - Una Paloma Blanca (1975)
TR cover-Anne Marie David - And İçelim
BG cover-Trio Synchron-Paloma Blanca
BG cover-Georgi Minchev-Paloma Blanca

Ricci e Poveri - Cosa Sei (1983)
TR cover-Ajda Pekkan ve 5 Yıl Önce 10 Yıl Sonra - Yolculuk
BG cover-Orlin Goranov/Kristina Dimitrova-Az I Ti
Hun cover- Korda György and Balázs Klári -Áruld El

Cher-Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (1966)
TR cover-Ajda Pekkan - Bang Bang
BG cover-Lili Ivanova-Benk Benk
BG cover-Margarita Radinska-Beng Beng

Charles Aznavour - Isabelle (1965)
TR cover-Özdemir Erdoğan - Birtanem
BG cover-Emil Dimitrov-Izabel

Mireille Mathieu - Acropolis Adieu (1971)
TR cover-Nilüfer Yumlu - Ağlıyorum Yine
BG cover-Dimitar Yosifov-Akropol Byal Prosti

Demis Roussos-Velvet Mornings 1973
TR cover-Tanju Okan -Seni Sevdim Ben
BG cover-Lili Ivanova-Triki Triki
BG cover-Trio Obektiv-Malka Pesen
GR cover-Μαρινέλλα-Ντρίγκι Ντρίγκι Μάνα μου
Ger cover- Marion Maerz -Weisse Wolken
GR cover-Πόπη Αστεριάδη-Ντρίγκι Ντρίγκι, Μάνα Μου
GR cover-Μίλλη Καραλή-Ντρίγκι Ντρίγκι Μάνα Μου
FIN cover-Tuula Siponius ‎– Usvaan Aamun Päivä Uusi Syntyy

Paul Anka-Papa
TR cover-Hümeyra- Dönülmez Bir Yoldayım
BG cover-Boris Gudjunov-Tatko

Tom Jones-Delilah
TR cover-Ömür Göksel-Leyla
BG cover-Emil Dimitrov-Dilayla

Junior Magli- Alla Fine Della Strada 1969
TR cover-Başar Tamer -Ayrı Masaları
BG cover-Boris Gudjunov-Dai Mi Lyubov
Fin cover- Eero Raittinen-Unta en Saa
Yu cover-Edvin Fliser-Ljubi Me Zdaj
TR cover-Ertan Anapa-Canım İsterse
UK cover-Tom Jones-Love me tonight
RU cover-Emil Gorovets-Pridi
YU cover-Pera Dimitrijević ‎– Na Drugom Koncu Ceste

Riccardo Del Turco-Uno Tranquillo 1967
TR cover-T.P.A.O. Batman Orkestrası-Ah Sen Sen Sen
BG cover-Dimitar Yosifov-Sto Miliona ili Levche
FIN cover-Tapani Kansa -Päättyneet on Päivät
HUN cover- Ambrus Kyri -Többet Ér a Boldogságom
ESP cover-Los Doltons-De Repente Tu Me Amas
UK cover-Tremeloes-Suddenly you love me
FR cover-Joe Dassin -Siffler Sur La Colline
GR cover- The Idols -Ξαφνικά Μ' Αγαπάς
RU cover-Поющие Гитары-Песенка Велосипедистов
RU cover-Emil Gorovets-Etot Mir
CZ cover-Flamingo – Lásko, Lásko

Joe Dolan-Make Me an Island 1969
TR cover-Ertan Anapa-İnanmak İstiyorum Sevgine
BG cover-Lili Ivanova-Mnogo li struva edna nezhna duma
Fin cover-Fredi-Ota Ja Omista
Czech cover-Karel Gott-Poslouchej Amore
FR cover- Hervé Vilard -Une Île De Tes Bras
GR cover-Dave Carroll and the Sing-Το Νησί Της Χαράς
FR cover- Richard Anthony -Regarde Sous Ton Balcon
Rom cover-Jean Păunescu-Numai Noi

Bob Shane-Honey 1968
TR cover-Alpay-Sen Gidince
BG cover-Mimi Nikolova-Moyat Mil

Enrico Macias-On S'Embrasse Et on Oublie 1974
TR cover- Ajda Pekkan -Hoş Gör Sen
BG cover-Mustafa Chaushev-Ne Me Sravnyavai

Dalida-Gigi L'Amoroso
TR cover- Tanju Okan -En Güzel Aşkı Bulacaksın
BG cover-Emil Dimitrov-Hubavata Gigi

Shocking Blue-Venus 1969
TR cover-Mavi Işıklar-Venüs ve Aşk
BG cover-Lili Ivanova-Venera
BG cover-Srebarnite Grivni-Venera

Nana Mouskouri With the Athenians - Vole, Vole Farandole (1969)
TR cover-Şenay - Sen de İç Benimle (1969)
BG cover-Margarita Hranova-Pole
Yu cover-Lidija Kodrič-Pati Srce Moje

Carson and Gaile-Somethin' Stupid
TR cover-Rüçhan Çamay & Tanju Okan-Yaşanmaz Aynı Evde   
BG cover-Mimi Nikolova-Neshto Neobmisleno

Enrico Macias-La Femme De Mon Ami
TR cover-Selçuk Ural-Arkadaşımın Aşkısın   
BG cover-Sasho Dimitrov-Jenata na moya priyatel

Nat King Cole-Nature Boy 1948
TR cover-Selma Güneri - Unut Sen Beni (1967)
BG cover-Yordanka Hristova-Nyakoy Den

Dusty Springfield-I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten
TR cover-Şehrazat-İmkansız Aşk   
BG cover-Pasha Hristova-Neka Tozi Mig Da Spre

Demis Roussos-When I'm Kid 1973
TR cover-Füsun Önal-Aç Gözünü
BG cover-Obektiv-Proletni Gnezda
GR cover-Μαρίνα -Νάμουν Αητός

Michel Delpech-Pour Un Flirt 1971
TR cover-Füsun Önal-Flört
BG cover-Yordanka Hristova-Tochno v Shest
GR cover- Χριστιάνα -Φλερτ (Flirt)
RU cover-Akkord-Ty i Ya
FIN cover-Dave-Flirtaten
GER cover-Randolph Rose-Nur Ein Flirt
NL cover-De Strangers-V'r De Poen
NL cover-Adrian Hoes-Voor Een Avond Met Jou

Adamo-Viens Ma Brune 1965
TR cover-Okyay -Gel Esmerim
BG cover-Stefan Voronov-Ela Moya lyubov

Demis Roussos-Schönes Mädchen Aus Arcadia
TR cover- Muzaffer Uludağ-Gülüyorsa Gözlerim
BG cover-Donika Venkova-Zov
GR cover-Τώνης Στρατής-Της Καρδιάς Μου Είσαι Καρδιά

Patricia Carli-On Ne S'Aime Plus 1968
TR cover- Ajda Pekkan -Onu Bana Bırak 1968
BG cover-Emil Dimitrov-Svarshi Lyubovta 1969

Ντόρα Γιαννακοπούλου-Το Γελαστό Παιδί 1964
GR cover-Μαρία Φαραντούρη- Το Γελαστό Παιδί
TR cover-Gönül Yazar - Hayat Geçiyor Hemen (1971)
BG cover-Margarita Dimitrova-Igra 1973
BG cover-Donika Venkova-Imam vsichko 1979
IT cover-Iva Zanicchi- Il Ragazzo Che Sorride 1970
IT cover-Al Bano-Il Ragazzo Che Sorride 1968
YU cover-Zoran Jevremović -Dečak Koji Se Smeje

Roy Hamilton-Hurt 1954
TR cover-Gün Yüksel & Durul Gence 5'lisi - Ağla ki (1969)
BG cover-Jeni Batinova-Dazhdovna pesen 1968
Ger cover-Peter Straube ‎– A Chi 1975

Hugues Aufray-Le Rossignol Anglais 1965
TR cover- Berkant and Vasfi Uçaroğlu Orkestrası -Vuruldum Bir Kıza
BG cover-Yordanka Hristova-Karnavalna nosht
RU cover-Поющие Гитары- Соловей

Γιώργος Νταλάρας(Giorgos Dalaras)-Στα ψηλά τα παραθύρια - 1975

TR cover-Ersan Erdura-Hayalin Gitmez 1979
BG cover-Lyubka Rondova-Na visokite prozorci-1984
ISR cover-Aris San-Kama tov-1975

Aliki Vougioyklaki-Σήκω Χόρεψε Συρτάκι 1966

Beyaz Kelebekler - La La La
Kichka Bodurova-Barzo tantsuvai sirtaki
Ελένη Κλάδη- Σήκω Χόρεψε Συρτάκι
Ζωή Φυτούση- Σήκω Χόρεψε Συρτάκι
Zambetas and His Bouzoukia-Siko Horepse Sirtaki (Come Dance the Sirtaki)
Nanos-Tzigo igrae sirtaki
Trio Hellenique- Siko Horepse Sirtaki
Anni-Frid Lyngstad (ABBA)-Syrtaki
Κική Παντελάκη -Siko Chorepse Sirtaki
Nikola Karović- Igrajmo Sirtaki

Afric Simone-Ramaya

Glenys Lynne- Ramaja
Plavci -Najdi Tón (Ramaya)
Apelsin- Himaalaja
Ani Pavlova-Yuzhen ritam
Anja Yelles- De Soep Is Aangebrand
Mine Kürkçüoğlu -Haftaya
Guy Boucher -Ramaya
Gil Ventura-Ramaya
Black Connection(70s Act) -Ramaya

1-  Лили Иванова- Ще танцуваме заедно

Sul piatto scrive autore-Adriano Celentano,ma non riesco a trovare una canzone del genere nella discografia del cantante.

è possibile che questa sia una canzone scritta da Celentano,ma cantata da un altro artista?

2- Лили Иванова - Ваканцията Свърши

una beat canzone italiana,scritta da Bruno Zambrini
 e qui non riesco a trovare l'originale

3- Никой - Лили Иванова

l'autore si chiama Piero Petrucci
Nikoy=Nessuno   Un uomo che lavora nella radio nazionale bulgara afferma che questa è una canzone della Caterina Caselli,ma non riesco a trovare una composizione simile.

4- Лили Иванова - Какъв Си Ревнив

per questa canzone so solo che è una cover forse in una canzone italiana della fine degli anni '60

Qualcuno di voi ha familiarità con qualcuno di questi canzoni,cari amici italiani??

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