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Parliamo di Cover / BG covers with Unidentified originals
« il: 16 Settembre 2019, 22:54:04 »
List with some BG covers.A complicated mission,but I hope someone knows the original of some of these songs

1-Siya Mihailova,Neli Zhekova
2-Margarita Dimitrova
3-Maria Koseva-Hully Gully??
4-Pasha Hristova
5-Donika Venkova
6-Kiril Hristov
7-Maria Neykova
8-Bogdana Karadocheva
9-Maria Koseva
10-Margarita Hranova
11-Moustafa Chaushev
12-Mimi Ivanova
13-Studio W
14-Moustafa Chaushev
15-Duo Nove-Te quiero,te quiero??
16-Margarita Hranova
17-Dimitar Yossifov-Author Pino Massara(late 60s)
18-Neli Zhekova
19-Didi Gospodinova
20-Margarita Radinska-canzone per ''Spiaggia''?
21-Yordanka Hristova-author Pintucci
22-Maria Mitseva
23-Borislav Grancharov

Parliamo di Cover / Twist italiano degli anni '60??
« il: 09 Settembre 2019, 10:06:01 »

Qualcuno può riconoscere l'originale di questa canzone?
Nessuna informazione su chi sia il compositore,ma suona come una canzone italiana dei primi anni '60.
il titolo bulgaro è una luna piena e forse nell'originale è cantato per la luna?

Musica! / Canzone Italiana
« il: 30 Giugno 2019, 13:55:50 »
Ciao Carlo!
Mi aiuteresti con questa canzone.Potresti non aver sentito questa canzone ma come pensi?
Quale dialetto è cantato nella canzone?E cosa si ripete nel coro? Sta-......?

Brano Anonimo

Parliamo di Cover / Senorita por favor
« il: 17 Maggio 2019, 11:52:09 »
Hello.Unfortunately in the database no info about one of my favorite 70s songs-Senorita por favor
Written by Toto Cutugno,but never recorded by him.My question is: what's the 1st release of the track?
In this Finnish forum written, that El Pasador first recorded Senorita...,but I can not find a similar song.

Chocolat's-Senorita por favor(Most well known version in my opinion)
Marion Rung-Senorita por favor(Finland)
Sezer Güvenirgil -Canim Sevmek Istiyor (Turkey)
Лаки Кесоглу- Уходи, Прошу Тебя
Πασχάλης -Φύγε Σε Παρακαλώ(Greece)
Jacqueline-   سنيوريتا پور فاڤور = Senorita Por Favor(Lebanon)
ВИА Веселые ребята -Сеньорита, я влюблен(Russian cover,missing in discogs)

Musica! / 2 rare Italian tracks
« il: 13 Maggio 2019, 08:52:14 »
Hello,italian melomans!
Can anyone recognize these 2 rare Italian songs from the 80s?
Records are from an old tape

Thanks in advance

Parliamo di Cover / Melody Lady
« il: 07 Aprile 2019, 14:34:18 »
Hi Carlo!

I found a small error in the database,related to the song of Sheila Melancolie.Yes,this is the most popular version(hit #3 in France),but it does not seem to be the original.


other covers:

Sidney Magal-Meu Sangue Ferve Por Você (Melancolie)  Brazil
Patrick Samson-Melody lady  Lebanon
Sabú -Oh, Cuánto Te Amo  Argentina
Katri Helena- En Ollut Lady (Melody Lady)  Finland
Hümeyra- Ah Neredesin?   Turkey
Margareta Pâslaru- Nu, N-a Fost Glumă   Romania
Emil Dimitrov (Емил Димитров)-Don't go away(Не си отивай)  Bulgaria

Parliamo di Cover / Disco covers,missing in database
« il: 22 Marzo 2019, 15:22:15 »
cover                             original

Ibo -Spieglein, Spieglein an Der Wand =Saphir-I am alive
Kim Harlow -Libre Pour Toi =Viola Valentino -Comprami
May Day -Fantasy =Lian Ross-Fantasy
Трамвай номер 5- Старият учител =Gary Low- You Are a Danger
BG cover-
Terry Gordon- It’s Gotta Work Out = Bogart- It’s Gotta Work Out
Мими Иванова и Старт-Дъжд и болка=Mike Rogers-Just a story
BG cover-
Mark Rivers -Violin in the Moonlight=Dalida ft. Antoine- Confidences Sur La Fréquence
Vincent -Someone's Sayin' "No"=Vasco Rossi -C'È Chi Dice No
Mohammed -Downtown Girl=Didier Hervé -D.O.M. T.O.M. Girl
American Eagles -Kokka '' Amore,Amore''=Manolo-Amore amore
Fruit -Heart Full of Soul=The Yardbirds- Heart Full of Soul
Data 3- Heartful of Soul=The Yardbirds- Heart Full of Soul
Laban -Jeg Ka' Li' Dig Alligevel=Hot Shot -Angel From Paradise
Трамвай номер 5-Ела=G.G.Anderson-Mama Lorraine
BG cover-
Ralf Sander- Abschied Am Strand=Michael Bedford- More Than a Kiss
Danny Fabry- Ҫa C'est La Vie (Zo Is Het Leven)=Foreign Currency- C'est La Vie
Мария Грънчарова-Мое златно лято=Lady Lily- Boogie Woogie Baby
Unreleased BG cover-[]
A La Carte-Bananas=Fruit-Bananas
Heredia & Co -Eso Es El Amor=Pepe Iglesias ''El Zorro'' -Eso Es El Amor
Andreas Martin -Samstag Nacht in Der Stadt=Airplay -For Your Love
Francesco Napoli -Siamo Noi=Fair Control-Angel eyes
Дует Шанс-Единствено за тебе=Pamala Stanley-Coming out of hiding
BG cover-
Tom Carabba -The Deliverance=People Like Us ft. Cindy Dickinson -Deliverance
Λάκης Τζορντανέλλι (Lakis Giordanelli)-Μαρία Μανταλένα (Maria Mantalena)=Afric Simone -Maria Magdalena
Nilüfer- Müzik=D-R-U-M -Lalabye
Светла Стоева & Георги Станчев-Здравей, това съм аз=Ryan Simmons-Lucky guy
BG cover-
Patrick Norman and The Black Light Orchestra -Let's Try Once Again=Julio Iglesias- Se Mi Lasci Non Vale
Μπέτυ Δήμα Και Μιράντα Δήμα -Γέλα Μαρία=Neoton Familia-Santa Maria
HOT R.S. -Delta Queen=Proudfoot-Delta queen
Veneta Rangelova-Oshte=Marsha Raven-Catch me
Sheila Bonnique -Proud Mary=Creedence Clearwater Revival -Proud Mary
Acuario -Eso Es El Amor=Pepe Iglesias ''El Zorro'' -Eso Es El Amor
Трамвай номер 5-Ученически час=Lime-Unexpected lovers
Neil Cloud -Time of the Season=The Zombies -Time of the Season
John Ireland -Sunshine of Your Love=Cream -Sunshine of Your Love
Маргарита Горанова-Лека нощ=Lorraine McKane -Let the Night Take the Blame
BG cover-
Arnošt Pátek -Sny O Tygří Lady (Cheri, Cheri Lady)=Modern Talking -Cheri, Cheri Lady
The Old Orchestra -Superman March=Tartaglia and The Space Angels- It's Love, Love, Love
Георги Христов-Кой Е Той=Fun Fun-Color my love
Дует Каравел ‎– Късен Диалог =Girltalk -Can the Rhythm
Георги Станчев-Сини очи=Electric Theatre- The Clown
Александър Петрунов / Славка Христова -Няма надежда=Don Ray- Got to Have Loving
Нели Атанасова- Танцувай буги=Freddie James -Get Up and Boogie
Cat Bassy -I Know (Oh No, No, No)=Nature- Don't Let Computers Grow!
Sylvie Sanders- I Know, I Know=Nature- Don't Let Computers Grow!
Fancy (Dutch Group) -Sterren in De Nacht=Cartoon-Never Ending Love (Ba-Ma-La-Ma-Loo)
Tracy Spencer -Run to Me=Ray Foster-Run to me
Laban- Caught by Surprise=Élite -Senza Tregua
Mary Roos -Keine Träne Tut Mir Leid=C.C. Catch- I Can Lose My Heart Tonight
C.C. Catch -Jump in My Car=Mary Roos -Bleib' Wie Du Bist
Samanta – Im Traum= Marc Stevens - Michelle (My Sexy Girl)
Biba-Istanbul=Tandem- Istanbul (I'm a Fool for Istanbul)
Hannes Schöner -Sommernacht in Unsrer Stadt=Christopher John Band- I'm a First Class Fool Again
Ven Uto -Midnight Girl=Noé Willer- Toi Femme Publique

Parliamo di Cover / International artists,covering BG songs
« il: 20 Marzo 2019, 14:37:09 »
Markéta Johnová ‎– Dobrı Večer=Maria Neykova-Dobar vecher,leka nosht

Sofia Rotaru-Ptica=Lili Ivanova-Pticata

Tony Dallara-Ela=Lili Ivanova-Ela

Tony Dallara-Treva=Emil Dimitrov-Treva

Roza Rymbaeva-Detstvo=Lili Ivanova-Detstvo

Peter Vašek ‎– Dievča A More-Donika Venkova-Ako iskash obich

Pavel Bartoň ‎– Žije V Kraji Růží-Lili Ivanova-Tozi svyat e tyi prekrasen

Roza Rymbaeva-Peremena=Vassil Naydenov-Mezhduchasie

Filip Kirkorov-Carmen=Riton-Don Kichot i Dulcinea

Ulli Martin-Monika(#2 hit in West Germany)=Emil Dimitrov-Moja strana

Eugén Tajmer-Monica=Emil Dimitrov-Moja strana

Wir-Monika=Emil Dimitrov-Moja strana

Alla Pugacheva-Arlekino=Emil Dimitrov-Arlekino
Esin Afşar ‎–Sanatçının Kaderi (Arlekino)-Emil Dimitrov-Arlekino

Janina Miščiukaitė ‎– Arlekino=Emil Dimitrov-Arlekino

Filip Kirkorov-Ty Ty Ty=Vassil Naydenov-Telefonna lyubov

Andrey Mironov-Nekogda=Bogdana Karadocheva-Malko li mnogo li

Jerzy Połomski ‎– Arlekin -Emil Dimitrov-Arlekino

Ljiljana Petrović ‎– Събота вечер=Lili Ivanova-Sabota vecher

Arlette Zola-Aprilska shega=Lili Ivanova-Aprilska shega

Yosif Kobzon-Moya strana=Emil Dimitrov-Moja strana

Filip Kirkorov-Nebo i zemlya=Orlin Goranov +Kristina Dimitrova-Detski spomen

Filip Kirkorov-Strana moya,tebe ne do koncertov=Katya Filipova-Nezabrava

Lolita-Moje Chryzantemy(Polish power dance)=Lili Ivanova-Hrizantemi

Ivica Šerfezi ‎– Kada Si Otišla Drugom=Emil Dimitrov-Kogato otivash tam pri drugiya

De 538 Jongens Met De Makkers-Wat Moet Ik Doen Zonder You Veronica-Emil Dimitrov-Moja strana

Sofia Rotaru-Skazka=Hristo Kidikov-Prikazka

Xanthi Peraki-Early flowers-Emilia Markova-Ranni tzetya

Giannis Parios-Άσε Με Στη Μοναξιά Μου-Lili Ivanova-Stari moi priyatelyu

Şenay-Lado-Le (Lado-Le-Lado)-Tonica-Lado le

Valery Obodzinsky- Луна На Солнечном Берегу-Konstantin Kazanski-Luna na Slanchev Bryag

Jiří Štědroň ‎–Džulija-Emil Dimitrov-Julia

Filip Kirkorov-Dnem i nochyu=Riton-Pregarni me

Marc Dex ‎– Monica -Emil Dimitrov-Moja strana

Sezen Aksu ‎– Yaşanmamış Yıllar-Lili Ivanova-Uteha

Constantin Drăghici ‎– Armonica=Georgi Kordov-Vlyubenata harmonika

Tamara Miansarova-More molodosti-Lili Ivanova-More na mladostta

Sergey Zaharov-Maria=Boris Gudjunov-Maria

David Alexandre Winter-Vola, Si Vola (Vole S'Envole)-Emil Dimitrov-Moryashko sbogom

Sibel Egemen ‎– Senin Vicdanın Yok Mu!-Mimi Ivanova-Maychice svyata

Emil Gorovets-Gorod nesbysheyvsya lyubvi=Emil Dimitrov-Pesen za Pleven

Tamara Miansarova-Pechalnaya chayka=Emil Dimitrov-Pesen za chaykata

Tamara Miansarova-Adagio=Lili Ivanova-Adagio

Tony Christie-Julia=Emil Dimitrov-Julia

Filip Kirkorov-Begushtaya po volnam=Georgi Hristov + Rosica Kirilova-Lyato i zima

Filip Kirkorov-leto=Riton-Lyatoto

Yeliz- Sel Suyu-Лили Иванова-Стари мой приятелю

Filip Kirkorov-Plus i minus=Orlin Goranov + Kristina Dimitrova-Plus i minus

Filip Kirkorov i Masha Rasputina-Mechta=Riton-Izpoved

Orera-Mne snilsya son=Margret Nikolova + Kiril Semov-San sanuvah

Dagmar Frederic-Bunte wagen=Lili Ivanova-Panairi

Gabriel Dorobanțu -Poate-ai Să-nțelegi Vreodată=Васил Найденов-Телефонна любов

Bogdana Zagórska- Nasze Lato=Лили Иванова-Наше лято

Radži feat. Rožė- Džalma (Джалма)=Ритон-Джалма

Filipp Kirkorov-Любовь - Это Что-то Сложное=Ритон-Сложно нещо е любовта

Birutė Petrikytė -Vaikystė = Лили Иванова-Детство

Leo Martin- U Četrdesetoj=Стефан Данаилов-Без сълзи

Leo Martin-Sigurno=Васил Найденов-Сигурно

Тамара Гвердцители- Ностальгия =Маргарита Хранова-Далечни дни

Мила Романиди- Днём И Ночью=Ритон-Прегърни ме

Nijolė Ščiukaitė -Margaspalviai Vežimai =Лили Иванова-Панаири

Pavel Liška ‎–Prsten Zásnubní (Moja Strana)   =Емил Димитров-Моя страна

Peter Sedlák -Námornícka Rozlúčka=Емил Димитров-Моряшко сбогом

Emil Frátrik -Júlia=Емил Димитров-Джулия

Hana Křížková -Harlekın=Емил Димитров-Арлекино

Costa Cordalis -Lebe Dein Leben=Емил Димитров-Моряшко сбогом

Jaromír Mayer ‎– Hej, Madlén=Емил Димитров - Хей, Мадлен

Эмиль Горовец ‎– Лидия= Емил Димитров-Лидия

Нина Пантелеева- Ах, любовь, любовь=Маргрет Николова и Кирил Семов-Сън сънувах

Marty Schreijenberg-Monika=Емил Димитров-Моя страна

Östen Warnerbring ‎– Monica =Емил Димитров-Моя страна

Андрей Миронов и Маша Миронова- Последний Дни Лета=Маргарита Хранова-Далечни дни

Radio Veronica-Veronica=Емил Димитров-Моя страна

Tutte le cover qui segnalate sono state inserite nel nuovo database

Parliamo di Cover / Bulgarian & Turkish covers
« il: 19 Marzo 2019, 10:46:31 »
Sam Brown - Stop (1988)
TR cover-Asım Can Gündüz - Stop
BG cover-Margarita Hranova-Stop

Sylvie Vartan-Abracadabra
TR cover-Ajda Pekkan -Tek Yaşanır Mı
BG cover-Lili Ivanova-Abracadabra

Sylvie Vartan-Zum Zum Zum
TR cover-Parla Şenol - Zum zum zum
BG cover-Dimitar Yosifov-Zum Zum Zum
BG cover-Margarita Radinska-Zum Zum
SWE cover- Siw Malmkvist -Zum Zum Zum
GR cover- Υβόννη -Ζουμ Ζουμ Ζουμ (Zum - Zum - Zum)
CZ cover- Hana Zagorová -Zum Zum Zum
IT cover-Mina-Zum Zum Zum

Shuky & Aviva - Je T'aime Un Peu Trop (1975)
TR cover-Lale Belkıs - Kafadar
BG cover-Margarita Hranova-Az i Ti
NL cover-Benny Neyman-'K Zal Je Heb
GR cover-Themis Adamantidis-- Kriti kerkyra ke nio

Emilio Tuero - Bésame Mucho (1941)
TR cover-Mehmet Taneri - Yıllardan Sonra
BG cover-Yordanka Hristova-Besame Mucho

Afric Simone - Hafanana (1975)
TR cover-Meral & Zuhal - Aşk mı Diyorsun Buna
BG cover-Yordanka Hristova-Misho i Az
RU cover-ВИА Поющие Сердца-Приснившаяся Песня

The Turtles - Happy Together (1967)
TR cover-Ferman Akgül - Sıra Bizde
BG cover-Pasha Hristova-Shtastlivi Zaedno

Frank Sinatra - Strangers in The Night (1966)
TR cover-Ajda Pekkan - İki Yabancı
BG cover-Sasho Dimitrov-Strannici v Noshta

Mocedades - Eres Tu (1973)
TR cover-Verda Sümer - Eski Dostlar ne Oldu
BG cover-Bogdana Karadocheva-Idvash Ti

Jose Feliciano - Once there was a Love (1970)
TR cover-Lale Akat - Aşkımızdı O
BG cover-Yordanka Hristova-Syanka v Stenata

Mary Cristy (Marie Ruggeri) - Non, Ce n'est Pas Fini (1973)
TR cover-Gülden Karaböcek - Dur Bırakma Beni
BG cover-Katya Filipova-Nyama Tazhen Kray
BG cover-Yordanka Hristova-Nyama Tazhni Dni

Ireen Sheer - Goodbye Mama (1973)
TR cover-Nilüfer - Sen de Söyle
BG cover-Margarita Hranova-Dobar Vecher,Mamo
CZ cover-Eva Máziková ‎– Zbohom Mama

Salvatore Adamo - Amour Perdu (1963)
TR cover-Alpay - Sen Sevme Beni
BG cover-Konstantin Kazanski-Izgubena lyubov
RU cover-Viktor Besedin-Proshla lyubov

5000 Volts - I'm on Fire (1975)
TR cover-Semiha Yankı - Yanıyorum
BG cover-Mimi Ivanova & Start-Ti Se Spri

Charles Aznavour - La Mamma (1963)
TR cover-Zeki Müren - Annem (1964)
BG cover-Angel Todorov-Mama

Engelbert Humperdinck - The Last Waltz (1967)
TR cover-Zümrüt - Son Dans (1969)
BG cover-Angel Todorov-Posledniyat Vals

Jose Feliciano - Gypsy (1974)
TR cover-Selçuk Ural - Son Şarkı
BG cover-Mustafa Chaushev-Nikoy v Teb Ne Vizhda lyubovta
BG cover-Yordanka Hristova-Izpoved

Francis Lai - Love Story (1970)
TR cover-Gönül Yazar - Aşk Hikayesi
BG cover-Bogdana Karadocheva-Lyubovna Istoriya

Dschinghis Khan - Dschinghis Khan (1979)
TR cover-Grup Vitamin - Hayriye
BG cover-Stil-Chovekat Vlak

Lori Lieberman - Killing me Softly with His Song (1972)
TR cover-Nilüfer (Yumlu) - Ayrılık Hasreti
BG cover-Yordanka Hristova-Vsichko Zapochna Prez Yuni
BG cover-Studio W-Vsichko Zapochna Prez Yuni

Maywood - Pasadena (1981)
TR cover-Sibel Egemen - Bir Mevsimlik Aşk
BG cover-Rumyana Georgieva-V Lyubovta Zakoni Ima
FIN cover-Eini-Pasadena

Smokie - I'll Meet you at Midnight (1976)
TR cover-Demet Sağıroğlu - O La La (Susar mıyım?)
BG cover-Hristo Kidikov-Nezavarshena pesen

Alain Barriere/ Noelle Cordier - Tu t'en vas (1975)
TR cover-Alagöz Kardeşler - Nazlanma
BG cover-Trio Synchron-Ti Si Otivash

Sunshine(France)-Melody Lady 1973
TR cover-Hümeyra (Akbay) - Ah Neredesin
BG cover-Emil Dimitrov-Ne Si Otivai
FIN cover-Katri Helena-En Ollut Lady
ARG cover-Sabú -Oh, Cuánto Te Amo
BRA cover-Sidney Magal-Meu Sangue Ferve Por Você
TR cover-Erkut Taçkın - Yeryüzü Cenneti

Alexandra - Zigeunerjunge (1967)
TR cover-Kamuran Akkor - Gönül Ferman Dinlemez
BG cover-Pasha Hristova-Tzigani

Riccardo Fogli - Storie di tutti Giorni (1982)
TR cover-Ajda Pekkan - Sev Hayat Güzel
BG cover-Mustafa Chaushev-Istoriyata na Vsichki Dni

Udo Jurgens - Der Große Abschied (1970)
TR cover-Ajda Pekkan - Kim Derdi ki
BG cover-Boris Gudjunov-Golyamata Razdyala

Julien Clerc - Ce n'est rien (1971)
TR cover-Engin Evin - Yok Başka Dünya
BG cover-Mustafa Chaushev-Dazhdovna Balada

Nicola Di Bari - Il Cuore e uno zingaro (1971)
TR cover-Özdemir Erdoğan - Bahar Gelince
BG cover-Emil Dimitrov-Tzigansko Sarce

Patty Pravo - La Bambola (1968)
TR cover-Fatoş Balkır - Artık Çok Geç
BG cover-Margarita Radinska-Bambola

Jose Jose - La Nave del Olvido (1970)
TR cover-Ayten Alpman - İstersen
BG cover-Yordanka Hristova-Pochakai

Salvatore Adamo - Car Je Veux (1963)
TR cover-Emel Müftüoğlu - Karlar Düşer
BG cover-Stefan Voronov-Vecheren Zov

B.J. Thomas - Raindrops Keep Falling On my Head (1969)
TR cover-Çetin Alp - Hatıralar
BG cover-Boris Gudjunov-Dazhdovni Kapki

Matvey Blanter and Mikhail Isakovsky-Katyusha (1938)
TR cover-Ayferi - Kaza Çok
BG cover-Mimi Ivanova-Kazachok

Vicky Leandros (Vassiliki Papathanasiou) - Apres Toi (1972)
TR cover-Ayla Algan - Aşk mı Bu
BG cover-Lili Ivanova-Sled Teb

Jose Feliciano - Rain (1969)
TR cover-Nesrin Sipahi - Yağmur Seninle Güzel
BG cover-Georgi Kordov-Slushai Dazhda

Bruno Lauzi - E Penso A Te (1970)
TR cover-Ajda Pekkan - Seninleyim
BG cover-Lili Ivanova-Az Si Tragvam

Christian Adam - Si tu savais combien je t'aime (1973)
TR cover-Nermin Gökben - Randevu
BG cover-Mustafa Chaushev-Ti Ne Razbra Kak te Obicham

Cher - Mama, when my dollies have babies (1966)
TR cover-Ayten Alpman - İnan Bana
BG cover-Borislav Grancharov-Mama
ITA cover-Sonia Natali-Mama

Iva Zanicci - Ciao Cara Come Stai (1974)
TR cover-Ayten Alpman - Yanımda Olsa
BG cover-Vera Bachvarova-Dai Skapi,Dai Raka
GR cover-Τέρης Χρυσός - Δε Σε Πιστεύω
CZ cover- Yvetta Simonová -Má Lásko Bláhová

Joel Daydé-Mamy Blue-1971
TR cover-Arda Kardeş (Arda Yurdatapan) - Oy Anam Oy
BG cover-Emil Dimitrov-Tazhna Mayka

Anne Marie David - Tu te Reconnaitras (1973)
TR cover-Nilüfer - Göreceksin Kendini
BG cover-Margarita Ivanova-Ti Pozna Lyubovta
GDR cover- Chris Doerk -Du bist da

Sol Raye - If We Were Free (1972)
TR cover-Ajda Pekkan - Kimler Geldi Kimler Geçti
BG cover-Mustafa Chaushev-Ako si Otide Izvednazh

Alexander Vertinsky and Boris Fomin-Dorogoi Dlinnoyu
TR cover-Gönül Turgut - Üzüntüyü Bırak Yaşamaya Bak
BG cover-Margarita Dimitrova-Lyubovta na Skitnika

Simon Butterfly - Rain, Rain, Rain (1973)
TR cover-Füsun Önal - Gel Gel
BG cover-Bogdana Karadocheva-Koy
BG Cover-Biser Kirov-Dazhd
Czech cover-Karol Duchoň - Šiel Šiel
Fin cover-Kai Hyttinen-Vie Vain
GDR cover-Henry Kotowski-Rain, Rain, Rain
PL cover-Lidia Stanisławska - Wiem wiem
FR cover-Marie Laforet - Viens viens

Julio Iglesias - Abrazamer (1975)
TR cover-Ayla Algan - Anlasana
BG cover-Yordanka Hristova-Pregrashtay Me

Grigoris Bithikotsis-Milise Mou
TR cover-Füsun Önal - Senden Başka
BG cover-Mustafa Chaushev-Nedorazumenie
FIN cover-Anita Hirvonen-Villitsee Mun

Enrico Macias - Mélisa (1975)
TR cover-Engin Evin - Olmaz Olsam
BG cover-Mustafa Chaushev-Eliza

Matt Monroe - All of a Sudden (1964)
TR cover-Tayfun Karatekin - Kim Silecek Bu Yaşları
BG cover-Lili Ivanova-Vsichko Stana Izvednazh
BG cover-Boris Gudjunov-Izvednazh
FR cover-Cristina (Krystyna Konarska)-C'est Que L'amour Va Revenir
BRA cover-Nelson Ned-Tudo passara
TR cover-Kamuran Kızılboğa - Ayrıldı Yollar

George Baker Selection - Una Paloma Blanca (1975)
TR cover-Anne Marie David - And İçelim
BG cover-Trio Synchron-Paloma Blanca
BG cover-Georgi Minchev-Paloma Blanca

Ricci e Poveri - Cosa Sei (1983)
TR cover-Ajda Pekkan ve 5 Yıl Önce 10 Yıl Sonra - Yolculuk
BG cover-Orlin Goranov/Kristina Dimitrova-Az I Ti
Hun cover- Korda György and Balázs Klári -Áruld El

Cher-Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (1966)
TR cover-Ajda Pekkan - Bang Bang
BG cover-Lili Ivanova-Benk Benk
BG cover-Margarita Radinska-Beng Beng

Charles Aznavour - Isabelle (1965)
TR cover-Özdemir Erdoğan - Birtanem
BG cover-Emil Dimitrov-Izabel

Mireille Mathieu - Acropolis Adieu (1971)
TR cover-Nilüfer Yumlu - Ağlıyorum Yine
BG cover-Dimitar Yosifov-Akropol Byal Prosti

Demis Roussos-Velvet Mornings 1973
TR cover-Tanju Okan -Seni Sevdim Ben
BG cover-Lili Ivanova-Triki Triki
BG cover-Trio Obektiv-Malka Pesen
GR cover-Μαρινέλλα-Ντρίγκι Ντρίγκι Μάνα μου
Ger cover- Marion Maerz -Weisse Wolken
GR cover-Πόπη Αστεριάδη-Ντρίγκι Ντρίγκι, Μάνα Μου
GR cover-Μίλλη Καραλή-Ντρίγκι Ντρίγκι Μάνα Μου
FIN cover-Tuula Siponius ‎– Usvaan Aamun Päivä Uusi Syntyy

Paul Anka-Papa
TR cover-Hümeyra- Dönülmez Bir Yoldayım
BG cover-Boris Gudjunov-Tatko

Tom Jones-Delilah
TR cover-Ömür Göksel-Leyla
BG cover-Emil Dimitrov-Dilayla

Junior Magli- Alla Fine Della Strada 1969
TR cover-Başar Tamer -Ayrı Masaları
BG cover-Boris Gudjunov-Dai Mi Lyubov
Fin cover- Eero Raittinen-Unta en Saa
Yu cover-Edvin Fliser-Ljubi Me Zdaj
TR cover-Ertan Anapa-Canım İsterse
UK cover-Tom Jones-Love me tonight
RU cover-Emil Gorovets-Pridi
YU cover-Pera Dimitrijević ‎– Na Drugom Koncu Ceste

Riccardo Del Turco-Uno Tranquillo 1967
TR cover-T.P.A.O. Batman Orkestrası-Ah Sen Sen Sen
BG cover-Dimitar Yosifov-Sto Miliona ili Levche
FIN cover-Tapani Kansa -Päättyneet on Päivät
HUN cover- Ambrus Kyri -Többet Ér a Boldogságom
ESP cover-Los Doltons-De Repente Tu Me Amas
UK cover-Tremeloes-Suddenly you love me
FR cover-Joe Dassin -Siffler Sur La Colline
GR cover- The Idols -Ξαφνικά Μ' Αγαπάς
RU cover-Поющие Гитары-Песенка Велосипедистов
RU cover-Emil Gorovets-Etot Mir
CZ cover-Flamingo – Lásko, Lásko

Joe Dolan-Make Me an Island 1969
TR cover-Ertan Anapa-İnanmak İstiyorum Sevgine
BG cover-Lili Ivanova-Mnogo li struva edna nezhna duma
Fin cover-Fredi-Ota Ja Omista
Czech cover-Karel Gott-Poslouchej Amore
FR cover- Hervé Vilard -Une Île De Tes Bras
GR cover-Dave Carroll and the Sing-Το Νησί Της Χαράς
FR cover- Richard Anthony -Regarde Sous Ton Balcon
Rom cover-Jean Păunescu-Numai Noi

Bob Shane-Honey 1968
TR cover-Alpay-Sen Gidince
BG cover-Mimi Nikolova-Moyat Mil

Enrico Macias-On S'Embrasse Et on Oublie 1974
TR cover- Ajda Pekkan -Hoş Gör Sen
BG cover-Mustafa Chaushev-Ne Me Sravnyavai

Dalida-Gigi L'Amoroso
TR cover- Tanju Okan -En Güzel Aşkı Bulacaksın
BG cover-Emil Dimitrov-Hubavata Gigi

Shocking Blue-Venus 1969
TR cover-Mavi Işıklar-Venüs ve Aşk
BG cover-Lili Ivanova-Venera
BG cover-Srebarnite Grivni-Venera

Nana Mouskouri With the Athenians - Vole, Vole Farandole (1969)
TR cover-Şenay - Sen de İç Benimle (1969)
BG cover-Margarita Hranova-Pole
Yu cover-Lidija Kodrič-Pati Srce Moje

Carson and Gaile-Somethin' Stupid
TR cover-Rüçhan Çamay & Tanju Okan-Yaşanmaz Aynı Evde   
BG cover-Mimi Nikolova-Neshto Neobmisleno

Enrico Macias-La Femme De Mon Ami
TR cover-Selçuk Ural-Arkadaşımın Aşkısın   
BG cover-Sasho Dimitrov-Jenata na moya priyatel

Nat King Cole-Nature Boy 1948
TR cover-Selma Güneri - Unut Sen Beni (1967)
BG cover-Yordanka Hristova-Nyakoy Den

Dusty Springfield-I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten
TR cover-Şehrazat-İmkansız Aşk   
BG cover-Pasha Hristova-Neka Tozi Mig Da Spre

Demis Roussos-When I'm Kid 1973
TR cover-Füsun Önal-Aç Gözünü
BG cover-Obektiv-Proletni Gnezda
GR cover-Μαρίνα -Νάμουν Αητός

Michel Delpech-Pour Un Flirt 1971
TR cover-Füsun Önal-Flört
BG cover-Yordanka Hristova-Tochno v Shest
GR cover- Χριστιάνα -Φλερτ (Flirt)
RU cover-Akkord-Ty i Ya
FIN cover-Dave-Flirtaten
GER cover-Randolph Rose-Nur Ein Flirt
NL cover-De Strangers-V'r De Poen
NL cover-Adrian Hoes-Voor Een Avond Met Jou

Adamo-Viens Ma Brune 1965
TR cover-Okyay -Gel Esmerim
BG cover-Stefan Voronov-Ela Moya lyubov

Demis Roussos-Schönes Mädchen Aus Arcadia
TR cover- Muzaffer Uludağ-Gülüyorsa Gözlerim
BG cover-Donika Venkova-Zov
GR cover-Τώνης Στρατής-Της Καρδιάς Μου Είσαι Καρδιά

Patricia Carli-On Ne S'Aime Plus 1968
TR cover- Ajda Pekkan -Onu Bana Bırak 1968
BG cover-Emil Dimitrov-Svarshi Lyubovta 1969

Ντόρα Γιαννακοπούλου-Το Γελαστό Παιδί 1964
GR cover-Μαρία Φαραντούρη- Το Γελαστό Παιδί
TR cover-Gönül Yazar - Hayat Geçiyor Hemen (1971)
BG cover-Margarita Dimitrova-Igra 1973
BG cover-Donika Venkova-Imam vsichko 1979
IT cover-Iva Zanicchi- Il Ragazzo Che Sorride 1970
IT cover-Al Bano-Il Ragazzo Che Sorride 1968
YU cover-Zoran Jevremović -Dečak Koji Se Smeje

Roy Hamilton-Hurt 1954
TR cover-Gün Yüksel & Durul Gence 5'lisi - Ağla ki (1969)
BG cover-Jeni Batinova-Dazhdovna pesen 1968
Ger cover-Peter Straube ‎– A Chi 1975

Hugues Aufray-Le Rossignol Anglais 1965
TR cover- Berkant and Vasfi Uçaroğlu Orkestrası -Vuruldum Bir Kıza
BG cover-Yordanka Hristova-Karnavalna nosht
RU cover-Поющие Гитары- Соловей

Γιώργος Νταλάρας(Giorgos Dalaras)-Στα ψηλά τα παραθύρια - 1975

TR cover-Ersan Erdura-Hayalin Gitmez 1979
BG cover-Lyubka Rondova-Na visokite prozorci-1984
ISR cover-Aris San-Kama tov-1975

Aliki Vougioyklaki-Σήκω Χόρεψε Συρτάκι 1966

Beyaz Kelebekler - La La La
Kichka Bodurova-Barzo tantsuvai sirtaki
Ελένη Κλάδη- Σήκω Χόρεψε Συρτάκι
Ζωή Φυτούση- Σήκω Χόρεψε Συρτάκι
Zambetas and His Bouzoukia-Siko Horepse Sirtaki (Come Dance the Sirtaki)
Nanos-Tzigo igrae sirtaki
Trio Hellenique- Siko Horepse Sirtaki
Anni-Frid Lyngstad (ABBA)-Syrtaki
Κική Παντελάκη -Siko Chorepse Sirtaki
Nikola Karović- Igrajmo Sirtaki

Afric Simone-Ramaya

Glenys Lynne- Ramaja
Plavci -Najdi Tón (Ramaya)
Apelsin- Himaalaja
Ani Pavlova-Yuzhen ritam
Anja Yelles- De Soep Is Aangebrand
Mine Kürkçüoğlu -Haftaya
Guy Boucher -Ramaya
Gil Ventura-Ramaya
Black Connection(70s Act) -Ramaya

1-  Лили Иванова- Ще танцуваме заедно

Sul piatto scrive autore-Adriano Celentano,ma non riesco a trovare una canzone del genere nella discografia del cantante.

è possibile che questa sia una canzone scritta da Celentano,ma cantata da un altro artista?

2- Лили Иванова - Ваканцията Свърши

una beat canzone italiana,scritta da Bruno Zambrini
 e qui non riesco a trovare l'originale

3- Никой - Лили Иванова

l'autore si chiama Piero Petrucci
Nikoy=Nessuno   Un uomo che lavora nella radio nazionale bulgara afferma che questa è una canzone della Caterina Caselli,ma non riesco a trovare una composizione simile.

4- Лили Иванова - Какъв Си Ревнив

per questa canzone so solo che è una cover forse in una canzone italiana della fine degli anni '60

Qualcuno di voi ha familiarità con qualcuno di questi canzoni,cari amici italiani??

Parliamo di Cover / Covers on Italian songs,missing in database
« il: 01 Marzo 2019, 16:47:17 »
Caterina Caselli - Re Di Cuori=Angela Zilia- Tin Kardiá Mou Sou xarízo   Greece
Gianni Morandi -Vado a Lavorare=Mikaelo-Yinaíkes   Greece
Mario Zelinotti- Il Conto Torna=Teris Xrysos-I skepsi mou   Greece
Domenico Modugno- La Lontananza=James Iotti -La Lontananza
Marcella Bella- Sicilia Antica=Füsun Önal -Fakir Kızın Öyküsü  Turkey
Mina-Giorni=Ajda Pekkan- Ya Sonra   Turkey
Lionello -Straniera Straniera=Ayten Alpman -Sevince Herşey Başka   Turkey
Iva Zanicchi- Ciao Cara Come Stai?=Ayten Alpman -Yanımda Olsa   Turkey
Maurizio- Elizabeth=Jerry Adriani -Elizabeth   Portugal
Adriano Celentano-Soli=Jorma Markos and Pirjo Lehti -Näin Käy   Finland
Isabella Iannetti -Melodia=Mehmet Taneri -Seni Nasıl Unutsam   Turkey
Rino Martinez- Caramella=Michal David and Kroky Františka Janečka- Pojď Blíž (Caramella)    Czechoslovakia
Andrea E Nicole- La Prima Volta=Nasia & Hristos-i proti fora   Greece
Rosanna Fratello- ...Se T'Amo T'Amo=Michal David -Colu, Pijeme Colu  Czechoslovakia
Massimo Ranieri -Pietà Per Chi Ti Ama=Yeliz -Sen Olsan Yeter   Turkey
Massimo Ranieri -Quando L'Amore Diventa Poesia=Markku Aro- En Tietää Voi   Finland
Massimo Ranieri -Quando L'Amore Diventa Poesia=Yovanna-apopse   Greece
Le Figlie Del Vento =Sugli Sugli Bane Bane=777-Banane   Yugoslavia
Giancarlo Silvi-Tu=Emil Gorovets-Ty   USSR
Al Bano & Romina Power -Prima Notte D'Amore=Duo Nove-Neka bade taka  Bulgaria
Gianni Nazzaro -Quanto È Bella Lei=Janko Ropret -Lepa Kot Sen  Yugoslavia
 Marisa Sannia-Casa bianca =Ambrus Kyri- Fehér Házikó  Hungary
Littel Tony-Cuore matto-Emil Gorovets =Smeshnoe serdce USSR
Rita Pavone- Il Raffreddore=Füsun Önal -Aşk Nezlesi  Turkey
Milva -Mediterraneo=Giannis Poulopoulos-Mono konta sou  Greece
Gloria Piedimonte -Chi Sei=Neoton Familia-Ki Szol    Hungary
Memo Remigi- Io Ti Daro Di Piu=Muslim Magomayev -Ya dam tebe bolshe  USSR
Alberto Lupo-Io ti amo=Leo Martin- 'K Zien U Geire !

Parliamo di Cover / Bulgarian artists covering old Italian songs
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Bruno Lauzi- e penso a te 1970-Lili Ivanova-Az si tragvam
Orietta Berti-io tu e le rose 1967-Pasha Hristova-Az ti i rozite
Nada-il re di denari 1972-Didi Gospodinova-Vyarvam v moyata zvezda
Iva Zanicchi-ciao cara come stai 1974-Vera Bachvarova-Dai skapi,dai raka
Gigliola Cinquetti -la pioggia -Emilia Markova-Duzhdut
Patty Pravo-tutt'al piu-1970-Yordanka Hristova-Zabravi
Iva Zanicchi-sei tornato a casa 1974-Donika Venkova-Zavrashtane v kashti
Domenico Modugno-tu si na cosa grande 1964-Greta Gancheva-Kakvo sam bez teb
Ornella Vanoni-amore mio-Margarita Dimitrova-Lyubov moya
Orietta Berti-l'altalena 1969-Dani Georgieva-Lyulkata
Nicola di Bari-chitarra suona piu piano 1971-Ivan Tzachev-Lora
Eduardo de Crescenzo -ancora 1981-Orlin Goranov-Kam edna jena
Roberto Vecchioni-samarcanda 1977-Tonika-SV-Karnaval
Caterina Caselli-ninna nanna 1971-Yordanka Hristova-Nina nana
Milva-nessuno di voi-1966-Margarita Dimitrova-Nikoy ot vas
Nicola di Bari-la prima cosa bella-1970-Mihail Belchev-Nay hubavoto neshto
Piero e i cottonfields-oh,nana-1973-Trio Synchron-O,Nana
Donatello-ti voglio-1972-Obektiv-Obicham
Johnny Dorelli-lettera a Pinocchio 1966-Georgi Kordov-Pismo do Pinokio
Nico Fidenco-Con Te Sulla Spiaggia (1964)-Margarita Radinska-S tebe na plazha
Pippo Franco-chi chi chi co co co 1983-Yordanka Hristova-Skandal v gorata
Massimo Ranieri-rose rosse 1969-Danail Nikolov-Rozi za teb
Nicola di Bari-occhi chiari 1972-Bogdana Karadocheva-Spomen
Mina-amor mio 1971-Margarita Goranova-Tvoeto ime
Peppino di Capri-melancholie 1964-Emil Dimitrov-Ti si otide prez septemvri
Claudio Cecchetto-ska chou chou 1981-Studio-Hot-dog
Riccardo del Turco-luglio 1968-Akaga-Yuli
Bobby Solo-zingara 1969-Borislav Grancharov-Tziganka
Rita Pavone-una notte intera 1967-Pasha Hristova-Tzyala nosht
Le figlie del vento-sugli sugli bane bane-1973-Studio W-Chudno tzvete
Don Backy-l'immensita 1967-Lili Ivanova-V bezkraynosta
Little Tony-cuore matto 1967-Dimitar Yosifov-Ludo sarce
Orietta Berti-non illuderti mai 1968-Margarita Radinska-Ne zabravyai
Ricchi e Poveri-cosa sei 1983-Orlin Goranov & Kristina Dimitrova-Az i ti
Adriano Celentano- ciao ragazzi 1965-Lili Ivanova-Dovijdane momcheta
Milva-mediterraneo 1972-Yordanka Hristova-Tamnochervena roza
Ricchi e Poveri-voulez vous danser 1983-Kristina Dimitrova-Moje bi
Riccardo Fogli-storie di tutti i giorni 1982-Moustafa Chaushev-Istoriyata na vsichki dni
Ricchi e Poveri-se m'innamoro 1985-Orlin Goranov & Kristina Dimitrova-Ako si vlyuben
Adriano Celentano-stivali e colbacco 1979-Moustafa Chaushev-Nezhni pogledi
Marisa Sannia-casa bianca 1968-Milka Encheva-Byalata kashta
Rita Pavone-lui 1965-Lili Ivanova-Lui
Ricchi e Poveri-mamma maria 1982-Orlin Goranov & Kristina Dimitrova-Edna sred mnogo drugi
Domenico Modugno-marinai donne e guai 1958-Mimi Nikolova-Moryaci.jeni,beli
Dino- Il Ballo Della Bussola-Dimitar Yosifov-Tanca na kompasa
Mina-Zum Zum Zum-Margarita Radinska-Zum zum
Mina-Zum Zum Zum-Dimitar Yosifov-Zum zum zum
Riccardo Del Turco- Luglio-Dimitar Yosifov-Yuli
Riccardo Del Turco -Cosa Hai Messo Nel Caffè?-Dimitar Yosifov-Kafeto
Robertino Loretti -Mia Cara=Димитър Йосифов-Мила Моя
Gianni Morandi -C'Era Un Ragazzo... -Dimitar Yosifov-Priyateli
Donatello-Ti voglio-Yordanka Hristova-Obicham
Claudio Villa-Addio addio-Georgi Kordov-Sbogom
Mina-Stessa Spiaggia Stesso Mare-Margarita Radinska-Sashtiya plazh,sashtata lyubov
Peppino Gagliardi-Come Le Viole-Mihail Yonchev-Temenugi
Carmen Villani-Piccola Piccola-Margarita Radinska-Manichka,manichka
Anna Identici-Quando M'Innamoro-Georgi Kordov-Kogato se vlyubya
Rosanna Fratello-Avventura a Casablanca-Margarita Radinska-Razdyala v Kazablanka
Iva Zanicchi- Nonostante Lei-Donika Venkova-Kakto nikoy drug
Iva Zanicchi -Nonostante Lei-Lili Ivanova-Vik
Mino Reitano-Avevo Un Cuore (Che Ti Amava Tanto)-Hristo Kidikov-Ne si otivay
Tony Renis -Quando Quando Quando-Georgi Kordov-i do dnes si spomnyam az
Milva-M'Ama, Non M'Ama (Mama)-Margarita Dimitrova-Ti me razbirash,mamo
Giancarlo Silvi-Tu 1963-Lili Ivanova-Ti Ti Ti
Le Orme-amico di ieri 1976-FSB-Sled 10 godini
El Pasador-amada mia,amore mio 1977-Mimi Ivanova & Start-Amore mio
Gigliola Cinquetti-non ho l'eta 1964-Lili Ivanova-Malka sam az
Al Bano/Romina Power-ci sara 1984-Orlin Goranov & Rosica Bordjieva-Dve pateki
Orietta Berti-solo tu 1967-Katya Filipova-Za teb i za men
Al Bano/Romina Power-sharazan 1981-Tramvay#5-Sharazan
Riccardo del Turco-uno tranquillo 1967-Dimitar Yosifov-Sto miliona ili levche
Milva-mediterraneo 1972-Asya Kaziryan-Tamnochervena roza
Patty Pravo-La bambola-1968-Margarita Radinska-Bambola
Mina-amor mio 1971-Studio W-Tvoeto ime
Mina-amor mio 1971-Bogdana Karadocheva-Tvoeto ime (Total 3 covers-most covering here Italian song)
Mina-Vola vola da me-Lili Ivanova-Leti leti kam men
Rita Pavone -Clementine Chérie-Lili Ivanova-Klemantin
Gigliola Cinquetti- Non Ho L'età-Rayna Deneva-Malka sam,za da te obicham
Adriano Celentano -24.000 Baci-Stefan Voronov-24,000 tzeluvki

:) :)

Tutte le cover qui segnalate sono state inserite nel nuova database

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