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Finalmente Toni Wilen ha deciso di emulare il PPC, ora sarà possibile utilizzare i nuovi OS 4.X su PC. Fioccano le discussioni sul forum per segnalare a Toni Wilen i vari bug riscontrati, in QUESTA pagina web è possibile seguire o interagire con il bravo programmatore, allego i primi screenshot fatti dagli utenti del forum e la versione più recente di WinUAE (rilasciate 5 versioni in pochi giorni) by Toni Wilen.

WinUAE 29.2 beta 9

Anche se WinUAE PPC e solo all'inizio, qualche info su quanto emulato in una versione già vecchia, dopo questa, uscite altre 3 versioni.

WinUAE v28.2 beta 6

- Added NCR53C94/FAS216 SCSI chip emulation (from QEMU)
- Added Blizzard1230IV/Blizzard1260 + Blizzard SCSI Kit IV emulation. SCSI Kit v8.5 ROM added to rom scanner.
- Added CyberStorm MK1 and CyberStorm MK2 emulation, map rom and SCSI included.
- Blizzard 2060 (map rom not emulated) and Warp Engine works now.
- CyberStorm PPC and Blizzard PPC 0xFFF00000 mapping improved, now switches correctly between KS map rom and PPC boot code locations. BPPC now correctly attempts to start flash built-in PPC support code during boot and hangs because PPC won't respond.
- Added warning message when BlizzardPPC or CyberStormPPC PPC CPU gets booted.
- Remap UAE Boot ROM (if needed) to secondary backup location if Blizzard PPC is enabled, if MMU emulation is enabled BPPC will remap normal boot ROM backup location causing boot hang.
- Added CyberStorm MK2 flash rom chip emulation, map rom and disable key support (=HALT4).
- Added CyberStorm MK2 full 128k rom image support (64k of autoconfig rom and 64k of diag rom)
- Flash chip emulation compatibility improved, fixed CSMK2 flasher infinite loop.
- Accelerator memory option now automatically changes CPU board memory if accelerator uses same memory type.
- Added keyboard to help Phase5 boot rom key detection, it still wasn't realiable enough with some boards.
- Added one second boot delay option to misc panel, allows easy access to boot menus without need to slow CPU emulation speed.
- Added 'Te' command to debugger, shows expansion autoconfig board information.
- CPU slot memory region was accidentally removed from mman list, causing random crashes in some JIT configurations.
- 68040+ more compatible / "cycle-exact" mode cache flush instructions didn't do anything.


WinUAE v28.2 beta 9 Nuove Specifiche

– PearPC PPC emulator core added. Only because it was very easy to add, it may not be compatible enough. (and it isn’t, at least not fully compatible, at least it has some unimplemented instructions, some programs or operating system surely won’t work)
– PPC disassembler added to debugger (“dp”, PPC mode is remembered, use “do” to switch back to m68k)
– Windowed mode status bar shows PPC state (if CyberStorm PPC or Blizzard PPC selected). Shows 4 possible states: STOP (inactive), RUN (executing instructions), SLEEP (low power state, waiting for interrupt), CRASH (CPU emulator detected something bad, like invalid instruction etc)
– BlizzardPPC memory GUI adjustment fixed.
– Fixed 68020/030 CE + fastest possible hang if program executed loop that didn’t do any memory accesses.
– 68040/060 CINVx instruction was still disassembled strangely.
– Adjusted 68040/060 “cycle-exact” mode timing, also if data cache is enabled, emulate all data memory accesses as immediate. (until data cache is emulated fully)
– CyberStorm MKII F0 ROM section of flash rom is now flashable. (third party mk2diag flash updater works)
– Blizzard PPC flash rom chip emulation now works correctly (was wrong mapping and wrong flash chip device code..)
– Added special JIT indirect CPU core that supports code execution from non-linear and/or aliased memory. Technically also should allow to emulate A2091/A590 but it still crashes for some reason. (But at least now it executes some ROM code before accessing invalid memory. A2091/A590 is perfect test case because it does not copy driver code from autoconfig ROM to RAM like most other HD controller drivers do, code runs directly from ROM and same memory “bank” also has IO registers)
– Memory allocation source clean up. Can break nearly anything..
– SCSI CD READ CD command didn’t read audio tracks 2+.
– Entering debugger forze the emulator if m68k CPU was stopped with STOP instruction and all interrupts disabled.
– NCR53C770 emulation tweaks, fixes netbsd hang. Now it gets unexpected interrupt, no fix available yet.
– Version bumped to 2.9.0

UAE Boot ROM is needed if any following option is enabled:
- "UAE" HD controller (HDF or directory)
- automount removable drives
- bsdsocket.library
- uaeserial.device
- uaescsi.device
- uaenet.device
- tablet emulation
- uaegfx RTG
- >2M chip RAM
- 32bit chip RAM

PPC Notes:

– Only a proof of concept currently.
– Automatically enabled when CyberStorm PPC or Blizzard PPC emulation is selected.
– Only PearPC interpretive PPC emulation is currently supported. Speed is totally irrelevant at this point.
– PPC emulator runs in separate thread, it requires special handling with PPC IO accesses, IO accesses are serialized and sent to m68k-side. Plain memory accesses are direct. (This assumes M68K is still doing Amiga housekeeping duties and PPC is mainly used as a co-processor, probably will cause huge performance hit if PPC does everything, for example when running PPC-only operating systems)
– Should be fully m68k JIT compatible, at least in indirect mode.
– Dual core CPU or better required. If you don’t have one, you are not allowed to report anything, sorry.
– PowerUP kernel does not work (hardware is not fully emulated). WarpOS appears to work.
– Do not use BlizzardPPC, it has (currently incompatible) PowerUP in flash and it runs at boot.
– Make sure CPU speed is fastest possible. PPC IO access serialization will be slowed down if m68k is waiting for chipset.

(Donations would be nice because PPC stuff is even more boring than “normal” stuff. Thanks Toni)

QUI si possono scaricare le flash rom e il flash update della cyberstorm

A distanza di 24 ore una nuova release WinUAE v28.2 beta 10 Nuove Specifiche, ecco le nuove specifiche:

WinUAE v28.2 beta 10

- Added CyberStormI/II/II/PPC and Blizzard PPC flash rom images to rom scanner, name based detection only. (Remember to click ROM rescan button) Now opens usual ROM missing dialog when flash rom image can't be opened.
- Added GUI support for manual accelerator board ROM image selection.
- NCR53C770 emulation spurious interrupt fix.
- Reset/exit froze the emulation if PPC CPU was in sleeping state.
- Map ROM checkbox was checked if 128M CPU slot memory was configured (old bug).
- 68030 more compatible/CE with MMU does not use data cache anymore, 68030 caches logical addresses (which will get really difficult and complex to emulate), 68040+ caches physical addresses.
- CyberStorm PPC/Blizzard PPC board emulation improved, PowerUP also works.
- Do not map PPC board FFF00000 memory mirror if no on-board RAM installed.
- Generate CyberStorm/BPPC fake flash rom hardware idenfication data and serial if it is missing.
- If CyberStorm MK3/PPC flash image is 256k or larger, map it like BPPC does it. (Not sure if this is correct)
- Reset with Picasso IV enabled forced hard reset.
- Z2 RTG crash fixed (some configurations).
- Added PPC GUI option to CPU panel. If ticked, selects matching board automatically. Becomes ticked and disabled if board was already selected. 68040/060 only. (CSPPC/BPPC flash boot code uses 68040+ only instructions)
- Move PPC thread to main thread when m68k gets disabled, improves performance of native PPC operating systems. (No need to move IO access messages between threads)
- Disable RTG board if >2M chip ram configured and Z2 RTG configured. (Forgotten address conflict check)
- OSD CPU led changes to "PPC" when PPC is active and m68k is disabled.


Arriva una nuova release WinUAE v28.2 beta 11

Over these last few weeks or so, Toni Wilen has been hard at work on the latest version of the Amiga Emulator WinUAE, which provided brand new features for PPC emulation. But as is the case with beta's, Toni was not happy with the current bug problems that caused a number of issues including a non bootable AmigaOS 4.1. But the good news today is, the developer has released WinUAE 2.9.0 beta 11 which not just fixes bugs but allows AmigaOS 4.1 Classic to boot. It would be well worth you updating if you wish to use AmigaOS 4.1 and to get the latest other bug fixes included in the changelog.

Beta 11:

- P5_AMIGA_RESET CSMK3/CSPPC/BPPC bit can be only changed if P5_SELF_RESET is cleared first.
- Never use normal Z3 autoconfig mapping if Blizzard board is emulated to reduce address space conflicts with Blizzard RAM mirror at 0x48000000. Note that this is impossible config, there is no way to have any Z3 boards with BPPC in real world.
- Blizzard PPC rom name renamed to blizzardppc_060.rom and added blizzardppc_040.rom. 68040 and 68060 variants have different (and incompatible) flash rom contents.
- 68000 + no cycle exact and no "more compatible" used wrong memory access method. (b9)
- RTD instruction was set as 68000 compatible (should be 68010+). Incorrect since the beginning.
- Accelerator board ROM select menus didn't select anything.
- Added full CyberStorm MK1 image ($F00000 ROM code is 68060-only), added another 68040 compatible ROM that simulates boards with boot rom jumper disabled or boot rom chip removed. (Original non-flash based boards had separate ROM chip for boot and diag ROMs and boot was only installed if CPU was 68060)
- CyberStorm MK1 SCSI works again.
- Automatically update accelerator board ROM settings when board type is changed in GUI.
- PPC BAT register handling fixed (Technically not emulation bug but OS bug, PPC documentation says '... BEPI and BRPN fields must have at least as many low-order zeros as there are ones in BL.', BEPI and BRPN needs to be masked with BL instead of trusting software doing as documentation says..)
- Added missing PearPC divwu, divwuo, addco, subfco PPC instructions. (Variants of already existing instructions).
- See more at:


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